Spa Destinations - Spa Getaway Packages - Spa Vacations for Women, Couples, Men

A destination spa is more than just a place; it is a journey into a new experience. The spa journey is a process of self-discovery while you immerse yourself in a “University of Life”.

Spa getaway packages offer affordable options for spa vacations for single women, single men, couples, friends, families and groups.  Giving yourself a spa getaway, now more than ever, provides  a cocoon in a world where we are all looking for a place to nurture our very essence and create a strong sense of well-being.

No other experience offers more to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit than a spa getaway package at a spa destination. Explore all the possibilities of a DISCOUNTED health spa vacation with The Spa Connection!


The 2004 in-depth Cornell Survey of Destination Spa Goers and Vacationers provided insight on the destination spa-goer as compared to the general vacationer. The results point to the many positive benefits from a spa destination experience, including increased business acumen, improved fitness and energy levels, and improved interpersonal skills for both women and men in the study.

After a Destination Spavacation, people report these amazing mental, emotional and physical results.

  • Feel much more energetic
  • Are more alert
  • Appear to have a very high ability to resolve challenges
  • Have an increased ability to relax each evening
  • Feel better able to handle everyday life
  • Seem to handle business affairs better
  • Feel more creative
  • Have more energy when they awake in the morning
  • Feel an improved ability to concentrate
  • Feel more physically fit
  • Are more confident about their cardiovascular health
  • Have more endurance
  • Feel more agile
  • They are happier with their body image
  • Exercise more enthusiastically
  • Feel more connected to family, friends and work associates with a deeper feeling of being cared about
  • Greater understanding of self

Destination Spa Group
Cornell University Study